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exposes the secrets and lies to rapid fat loss while leaving
the “Experts” wishing he’d kept his mouth

Find out how Boca Raton’s Top Personal
Trainer can help you Burn Fat, Build Muscle, LOSE WEIGHT
and achieve Lifelong Fitness Results


fat loss directional

Watch this video to hear the good news

of what it’s like to wake up every morning knowing you are
moving in the right direction towards fat loss.

In The Next 11 Minutes You Will Learn…



How to lose unwanted bodyweight WITHOUT
having to see it come back weeks from
Why it’s downright STUPID to go
on a diet
 when they have never been
proven to work long term…
How you can turn a soft, flabby body into a real,
fit and toned fat burning machine that continues to
get firm and defined – month after month…
Why even if you skipped a few workouts, your body’s
metabolism would still remain at high levels…
How you can have your very own results producing
exercise program (i.e. workout program) in place in
a matter of weeks, EVEN IF YOU ‘RE NEW TO
EXERCISING, and much, much more…

Billy Carney, NSCA-CPT


South Florida Personal Trainer serving Boca Raton, Deerfield
Beach, Delray Beach, and the surrounding areas

Are these claims for real?

I could totally understand if you don’t believe me. It’s
probably safe to say that you have been jerked around by every
so-called “know-it-all” (I’ve been there too.) I’d even bet
that you have brushed past those supermarket tabloids and
thought how YOU too could be thin like a movie star.


Everyone has seen those ‘Lose Weight Fast’ – ‘It’s Quick,
It’s Easy, It Works Like Magic’

“Lose 2 pounds or more per week (for a
month or more) without dieting or

“Diet patches, creams, wraps, bracelets
and other products worn on the body or rubbed into the skin
will melt the weight right off.”

“This miracle product lets you lose the
weight easily and permanently.”

Who’s Kidding Who?  None of them are True!

After hearing the discouraging information that there aren’t
any quick fixes to losing weight and keeping it off, my friends
started asking me a few more targeted questions.  They
wanted to know:

‘What’s the real reason why it’s harder
to lose fat as we get older?’

‘How do you know if you are exercising
too much or too little?’

‘Can I teach them how to eliminate all
the hassles of developing a workout routine that’s easy to
create and simple to follow?’




I’ve been referred to as working out like a

Workout WarriorAlthough I
know my way around a gym, Billy taught me
how to work out differently. Not only does
he incorporate multiple body parts into
each exercise during our training

he showed me how to design my own

 so I can work out better when he’s not

Billy is very good at what he does. Not only
has he helped change the way I work out, but he
has helped me understand more about my
body–how every joint moves, the muscles
involved, and more. He is knowledgeable about
every aspect of personal training and treats
the gym as his

Kim Turner 

Working Mom 

Boca Raton,

Every Time I Sit On The Toilet I Think Of

Senior Athlete

“BCFitness Inc. has helped me become stronger,
more conscious of my posture, and more aware of
body positioning.
I’m 80 years old and I wanted to be able to do
things without hurting

As I progressed along with my training, I
became acutely aware of how unaware I had been
about my body

Billy taught me little lesson that allowed me
to stabilize my lower back, improve my posture
and enable me to do the things I didn’t think I
was capable of doing

Every time I sit down or stand
I am no longer using my lower back for all the
wrong reasons. What I have learned
working with BCFitness, Inc. will benefit me
for the rest of my
I only wish I had met Billy years

Michael Espir

Boca Raton, FL /

You motivated me to go
further and work harder, and I had so much fun
doing it!

 Soccer Mom

I have always wanted to try boxing and was so
excited to learn about this class you
offered.  You motivated me to go further
and work harder, and I had so much fun doing


You are knowledgeable and passionate about
fitness, and you teach without judgment. 
Your style of teaching allows me to be
open to learning more
from you. 
I really feel like you genuinely enjoy helping
other people.  Thank you for your belief
in me and for this




Boca Raton,


For years, I’ve trained many business professionals, parents,
seniors, college athletes, and teens. 

I’ve even sweated it out with “weekend warriors”.

Each and every one of them came to me with the same

…They had been lied
to by the weight loss industry.

It didn’t matter how much money they spent, how much time they
wasted, how many diets they went on and off

They were all failing miserably… 

…all because they were
using ineffective technology.

That’s when I decided I had to do something about


10 Years of Learning, Studying, and

My entire life has been spent in and around athletic endeavors.
Health and fitness has been a passion of mine ever since I was
a teen. 

For over the past 10 years I’ve been involved in the fitness
industry as a personal trainer, fitness coach and freelance
writer. I Eat, Sleep
and Breathe Fitness.

Helping people achieve their fitness results has become my

So, I started gathering as much information as I could to do
just that.  

I’ve even been labeled by many as an “Information Junkie”
because I bought up everything I could get my hands on that had
to do with getting people the results they were

I spent an entire fortune on fitness information, fitness
products and fitness education. And now my home looks like a
virtual fitness museum. 

My Mind Is About To Explode! 

I’ve used all the gadgets…experimented with the quick weight
loss products…I even had friends try all the diets to prove, as
suspected, that 95% of all diets just do not

…I actually tried the ice cream diet myself, just because I
like sweets. It tasted good, but it didn’t help me shed any

I Discovered That The Fat Loss Industry
Will Lie To You Just To Make a

Unfortunately, everyone is getting ripped off by the fat loss
industry. Last year alone, over $39 billion was spent on diets,
supplements and weight loss products. 

Infomercials and supermarket tabloids are blatantly promising
that it’s quick easy to lose weight. 

The facts are 
that you are being brainwashed with
so much misinformation that knowing what’s true and what’s a
lie is becomes a difficult thing to figure

Reality Check 



It’s physiologically impossible for a typical diet
to ever work…but you’re led to believe
Many of the most popular fitness magazines and
websites are owned by major diet and supplement
companies…what you end up reading are
advertisements disguised as articles
Standing on a scale and “weighing” yourself gives
you no indication how much fat you have or how much
fat you lost…so get off and stay off.

And because there is so much dishonesty out there, many people
who are seriously trying to lose weight are doing things
INCORRECTLY…people are using powders, pills and an assortment
of “fat burning” drinks…
they’re trying every diet know to man
…and worst of

They are doing exercises that are making the problems worse
instead of better! 

The danger 
with doing something this way is that
you will always be moving ‘one step forward and two steps

Let’s face it, if pills, supplements or diets really increased
fat loss to any clearly identifiable amounts, why are there
more overweight people today than ever before in history?
Wouldn’t it be working for everyone and they would all be thin
and trim?

So, ten years ago I decided I had to do

I KNEW there were highly effective, safe, and challenging
techniques that I could show people how to do themselves

…methods that were based on science and not lies and

Losing Weight Feeling Great  Hard workouts proven results

Almost By Accident, My Phone Was Ringing Off The Hook For


At the gym it was even worse. 

Thank goodness for understanding clients because I was
continually being stopped during training sessions and ask
questions like; “How can
I look like some of your clients…they all seem to be getting in
better shape
?” and “What is the best and worst
exercise to lose fat
?” and “Can you help ME so I can look
good naked

It wasn’t long before I was able to help so many people become
fit, lean and healthy…that I had a huge demand for my

What’s even better is that many of the people that I have
trained NEVER thought they could get the results they were
after…and I had a hand in showing them how and pushing them to
limits they never thought were possible.

My Programs aren’t for the “High
Performance Athlete”…they ARE for the
“Run-Of-The-Mill” or “Ordinary”

You don’t need superior genetics or have to live a lifestyle of
depriving you of ANYTHING to lose weight and feel great. You
just have to know what to do and how to do

Whether it is dropping a bunch of pounds, building a little
muscle or just getting ready to face any challenge that
presents itself, I have a program for you. 

What you’ll get is a plan of action that is innovative, it’s
exciting and it produces results!

Here’s a
“Sneak Peak” at what you will get with a BCFitness “Improvement
Plus” Program





Factors for  

Successful Fat Loss 

Personal Training

Working Out by Yourself

Diets, Powders and








Not a Chance! 




Not a Chance! 

Faster Metabolism



Not a Chance! 

Shapely, Toned Muscles



Not a Chance! 

Fun & Challenging



Not a Chance! 




Not a Chance! 

Learn Healthy Habits that will last a



Not a Chance! 

Judge for
yourself how the
 Boca Raton Workout “Improvement Plus”
compared to any other personal training





Boca Raton Workout Improvement Plus

Other Personal Training

This is not a
‘cookie-cutter’…’one-size-fits-all’ program.
It’s designed to
be individualized, safe, effective and
to your body
forcing it to go beyond what you thought it was
capable of doing 


You perform just
the basic moves
that can be
found in any health and fitness magazine…don’t
expect to meet your fitness goals this

– you’ll keep your muscle
mass and turn
your body into a fat burning


Your “scale” weight may go down, but
you won’t know if you lost fat
or much needed muscle 

Safety and proper
are priority. We’ll
make sure you understand the proper components
of how your body
is supposed to move


You’ll be lucky if they are even looking at you
while they are counting the minutes until the
session is over 

Innovative and
exciting workouts
that are
“goal specific” 

Same exercises, just a
different day 

“Outside the box” exercises that are
proven to get


1 rep – 2 rep -3 rep…who needs that? You can do
that yourself 

Not only Certified, but
Qualified by the National Strength and


Certified online with no real
educational background
– unfortunately
this is very common 

We act as a
coach, teacher and trainer
providing services that are thought provoking,
fun, unique and


They treat it like a job and are just
there for the money

You’ll be push in EVERY SINGLE workout
to never give up. You won’t just get to the
finish line, you’ll burst through

They’ll be your “cheerleader” and scream and
holler but you won’t learn anything and
you won’t see your body change a


There’s something I need to tell you…



Many personal trainers just don’t seem to
listen or pay attention.

Corporate ExecutiveHi Billy, I
just wanted to send you a note to say how
happy I was for your

I chose to work with you because your training
style is motivating, unique and
innovative.  You
listened to my personal training goals and
incorporated those goals into a dynamic
training program, tailored to my specific

Many personal trainers develop programs without
taking their clients abilities and personal
goals into account. They just don’t seem to
listen or pay attention. You were astute in
your assessment of my current fitness with
astounding foresight to my potential strength
and condition. You pushed me to reach my goals,
and helped me set new goals that I was not
aware I was even capable


Boca Raton,


We have fun…you let me be

Peak Potential
asked me what I wanted and we have fun
because you let me be
You promised me that
eventually people would be looking
at me in admiration
of what I can
do…and you know what?

I look forward to coming to
the gym.
  You can tell you love this



Boca Raton,

I’ve been very impressed with his abilities to
design specific workout programs for clients of
all ages

Billy has been helping,
motivating and educating our members as a
true fitness professional for many

I have
found Billy extremely competent and
enjoyable to work with.
I’ve also
been very impressed with his abilities to
design specific workout programs for clients
of all ages, physical conditions, injuries,
and sport specific

observing and educating our members on
corrective measures necessary for improving
their form and technique he has helped the
building of customer relations and is an
invaluable asset in leading to our
reputation as one of the top health club
facilities in South

Michael Papamichael


Michael’s Body Scenes Aerobic
& Fitness

Boca Raton,


You’re the best health motivator there


Motivation PlusI needed a
trainer that could help me design a
workout routine and help me with my


You’re the best health
motivator there is
…….like you say,
nothing is going to work unless I put the time

you so





Do not think that you will be getting a personal training
service that will be your cheerleader, count your reps, hold
your water bottle and stop the sessions so you can complain
about your life outside of the gym, because if that’s the case,
we are definitely NOT what you are looking for

Do not even pick up the telephone and call if you think you
will be getting a trainer who cares more about the size of his
biceps then your results, because if that’s the case we are
definitely NOT what you are looking for.

Do not waste your time, if you are looking to hire a trainer
who’s claim to fame is that he yells louder than everyone else,
pays very little attention to you or hits on any cute person
walking by, because if that’s the case we are ABSOLUTELY,
POSITIVELY NOT what you are looking for.

There’s more,


We won’t sit back and listen to you whine and


We won’t be here for people who only want the “status” of
saying they have a personal trainer. We train for RESULTS, and
that’s what you’ll get.


We won’t pretend to have all the answers. If you asked
a question that we don’t know, we’ll research and find the
answer for you.


We won’t turn you into a steroid craving muscle head. That’s
not what we do. If that’s what you are looking for, you can
keep looking.


We won’t count your reps or lift the weights for you.
Our programs are designed to get YOU results – not to see how
many times you can lift a weight up and


We won’t stand for people who aren’t dedicated to reaching
their goals. We will hold you accountable for your


We won’t kid you about price. We are not the absolutely
lowest priced service around. (We focus on RESULTS not price
per hour.)


We won’t waste your time standing around watching you do your


Many people look for a lot of those things when hiring a
personal trainer…we don’t do any of them…we focus on helping
you achieve your goals in a RAPID and efficient

There’s one very important fact that you need to realize before
you contact us…we offer superior service so you can EXPECT the
results you’re after…our prices won’t be the lowest in

If you are “price shopping” to get a
bargain basement 
trainer, just remember that you
get what you pay for. When you have a serious problem and need
a specialist… it never matters how much it costs…it all
depends on how much it’s worth. When it comes to improving the
quality of your life, getting you into tip-top shape, should
you really risk pinching pennies for RESULTS?


It is at the end of a person’s life when they realize how
important their decisions were at the beginning…

It is our intention to do everything possible to help you find
out how far you can go. If you choose to decide to make bad
choices, please don’t waste either of our time.

But, if you DO see the value of having a healthy, lean and fit
body, here’s what we can do… Call us at
800-478-7913 and request a trial workout. This
way you can “kick the tires” and see if we are a good

You’ll be able to make a choice of determining if we are the
right personal training service for you. 

And we will be able to decide if you are willing to “shoot for
the impossible” to get in amazing condition. 

One word or warning…we won’t settle for second best…we’ll
ONLY accept “go getters” into our

You only have one chance to make a first impression. We want
you to look good so we can too….If you aren’t willing to put
out the effort, then you won’t be a good representation of our





Here’s what you need to do right
– Call
800-478-7913 to find about
your trial workout. We’ll spend some time going
over the details and determine if you are a
good fit to be a part of our

If we like what we hear, and you’d like to
try us out, we’ll schedule an
appointment for you to come on in. There will
be ZERO pressure sales tactics to start the
program. If you feel that offering a high level
of service, giving a guarantee that we will
help you meet your goals , and shaping and
molding your body to be the envy of all your
friends and neighbors is not for you…you can
walk away.

But, we must warn you that only
limited amount of spots are
…our phones won’t stop
ringing because of the results we are producing
for our clients…(I must have been taking stupid
pills for offering so many such high quality
sessions for so little.)

Now is the time to get YOUR
body into shape

Once you have had an opportunity to see the
amazing results you will get, I know you are
going to want to get started right

Here’s the number to call –




If you’re even remotely interested in learning the truth about
getting your body into the BEST shape it can be, but you’re
still not TOTALLY sure…look at these results. 


“You always kept our sessions moving…and never lost focus on my

Hard Core Trainee

thank you for the great education you gave me. Every session
was well thought out in advance. You always listened to me
and watched careful to make sure I was doing everything
 You push me
hard, but you still made me feel at ease right
 I could tell
I was in good hands.  

I appreciate the
fact that all your exercises had a practical motivation behind
them to prevent getting an injury from a similar movement in my
everyday life.”  

Jenna Braun


Boca Raton, FL 



“I am thankful we went as hard as we

“Billy pushes me in
my training, which on some days I’m not so thrilled. However
when the session is over I am thankful we went as hard as we
did. When I started training with Billy, he instituted a
vigorous core training regimen. Additionally, we used many
new exercises that I have never utilized before. I found an
immediate change in how I felt after playing

Without hesitation
I am sure his other clients have had similar results. I
highly recommend Billy as a trainer who will help anyone
reach their fitness goals. He has been a positive influence
on my health.”

Pat Lawlor

at Law

Beach, FL

“He doesn’t count reps and sets…he gets involved in your goals
and expectations.”

Fighting Fat

“Billy’s training is different than most other trainers I
have seen. He does not just stand there and count reps and
sets. He gets involved in your goals and

It’s not easy and you have to be willing to work because he
will challenge your mind and body. His fitness knowledge and
warm, spontaneous personality makes the workouts fun and gets
you motivated to return for the next session.

By utilizing different exercises, based on my objectives,
he kept me focused by continually daring me to work towards my

I utilize the training methods that Billy taught me almost
every day and continue to be a ‘work in progress,’ but I’ve
seen great results. I only wish I lived in south Florida to be
able to train with Billy more often.”

Michael Carney

Fire Fighter

Harrison NJ

“I like how you explain the exercise and its

“I had wanted to hire a personal fitness instructor
for a long time but I was very intimidated. After meeting with
you, I felt very comfortable and at ease. You helped me realize
that everyone was there to do their thing, not watch

I like how you explain the
exercise and its purpose. It was also very helpful when I
would go home and write down the exercises we did so that I
would remember which exercise went with what

I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in
working with a personal trainer.”

Beth Fiske


Boca Raton, FL

“Every week is a different routine so I am never

Extreme Athlete

“The most valuable thing Billy has taught me is to make
sure I vary my workouts. He has shown me different ways to
exercise so that I am always pushing my body to maximize my
workout. Every week is a different routine so I am never bored.
Knowing what I want to accomplish coupled with his vast amount
of knowledge has helped me achieve my fitness



Raton, FL




Yes Billy,
I’m Willing To Do Whatever It
Takes To Get My Body In The
Best Possible Shape It Can

I want to get rid
of my unwelcomed
body fat. (So I can
throw my scale out
the window and
never worry about
my weight


Yes! I want to be a
healthy role model
for my

I want to increase
my strength and
tone my muscles. (I
can’t wait for
others to notice
the change and say
how great I


Yes! I want to
understand the
basics of eating
(how much to eat
and when to eat

I want to learn how
to avoid potential
road blocks that
may happen when
trying to lose
weight. (So I can
keep going when
others give


Yes! I want to be
able to stop
shopping in the
plus sized

I want to work with
a trainer who is
uniquely qualified
to motivate me,
educate me and
inspire me to push
myself to limits I
never thought were


Yes! I want to
stand in front of a
mirror and like
what I

I want to have a
healthy lifestyle
and avoid future
health problems
that run in my
family such as
diabetes, high
blood pressure,


Yes! I want to
enjoy the feeling
of having energy to
do everything that
needs to be done in
a day and

I want to have
innovative and
exciting workouts –
workouts that
produce RAPID
RESULTS that add
years to my


Yes! I want to look
stunning in my
clothes and make

I want to be held
responsible for my
workouts. (by being
responsible I will
demand more from
myself …and get


Yes! I want to turn
my body into a
can’t wait to see
the “new me
“materialize right
before my

I want to finally
do what I have been
saying I would do
for over a decade –
keep the weight off
and never worry
about a diet


Yes! I want to
become amazingly
fit right now and
realize that I can
call right now at
800-478-7913 to
make a request for
a trial workout…I
can’t wait to




































































If you are ready to make a major
improvement in your appearance, fitness, and health, then I’m
ready to hear from you.

My program helps people. It’s not based
on the Weight Loss Fads, Pills and “Quick Fix Diets” that have
been continually failing you in the

Successful people get going and look for
circumstances they want. If they can’t find them…they make

Don’t make the same mistakes 60% of the
adult population in America are making right now.

I strongly urge you to apply for my program

To Your Success,

Billy Carney


and President 


Raton, FL 


need to understand this very

The Boca
Raton Workout Improvement Plus program has already worked
for so many people. My system can work for you too. If you have
already tried every know fad and still haven’t gotten the
results you’ve wanted, you should to be running to your
telephone and making that call.


never again suffer through the pain and discomfort of not
knowing what to do. There are thousands of roadblocks,
land mines and detours …let me show you the path of least
resistance and pave the way to health and happiness in
your new lean and strong body.



Remember, there is no risk on your part if you don’t try.
NOTHING POSITIVE WILL HAPPEN. 30 days from now you
will be one month older and 5-10 pounds heavier
than you are right now. Do you really want that? Make the
call right now800-478-7913 and apply for a
trial workout. We’ll schedule an appointment for you to
come on in. But do it soon because I can’t guarantee that
I’ll have space for you if you don’t act


Here’s the

To shed unwanted fat and
get toned once and for all



(800) 478-7913

Serving the following cities with
personal training, fitness training, boot camp, and weight
loss services:

Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach,
Parkland, Coconut Creek and Delray Beach,

Please contact us